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People's lives are at stake any way, when it comes to recent earthquake in Haiti or anywhere in the world. Climate change has hit earth due to scientific and technological development. How can we expect all diverse people of earth to work together to save our planet? Answer probably lies in faith in religion -i.e., patience, belief, justness or equity and defence for the cause of mankind.

It is true that people's lives are always at stake. People die from cataclysmic events such as the Haiti earthquake,from aircraft or rail disasters, even from crossing roads.

In terms of threats to life there are some that are natural not caused by man such as the Haiti earthquake. Then there are threats to life which includes a human factor: Aircraft, rail and road disasters and also very possibly Global Warming.

As I stated in my post "Evolution and Man: A unique relationship(http://www.weonepeople.com/oneworld/2009/09/evolution-chapter-two.html)." man now has the ability to change the future. But for that to happen effectively we need to organize ourselves to form a new World Government on top of all existing national governments.

when the sky is open , i usually read the book on the top , it feeling is good.

You are my best worshippers, aren't you?

The significance of the lost decade is very simple.

All for one, one for all.*

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