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With making the case for unifying the world's religions you make a good case but the main reason why they are often divided is a very simple one. The founders of the world's great religions knew God and communed directly with it. Many of the followers of those great people have only had a belief in God and used their intellects and five senses to try to understand God. As a result they have often created clever dogma to ensnare followers into rigid ways of thinking that does nothing to help their followers to actually know God for themselves. The little ant that we may find scurrying about in our gardens may know the terrain in its own limited range but it cannot know the world's great mountains and oceans. Unless religious leaders know God then they can't teach the science of God communion (by science I mean step-by-step process that produces definite and measurable results) This is for me the greatest challenge in my life. If I want to bring unity to the
world's religions I must first know God.

What's truly fascinating is that God is omnipresent inside of all creation and beyond it; yet it cannot be detected with the matter bound five senses or any scientific instruments based on them because it is much too subtle and fine. But God craves to be known by its children and has engineered the only instrument on earth capable of detecting it: the human nervous system. But for that to happen it must be refined and tuned to God properly. At first it begins to detect God's omnipresence as a feeling of bliss or ever-new joy that we can never, ever get used to unlike the pleasure of acquiring some material item that we soon tire of. It eventually results in a person knowing themselves fully as a soul with eternal life with full knowledge of God and it's kingdom of indescribable eternal bliss. Such people succeed in uniting their consciousness fully with God's consciousness. The science I'm writting about is the science of yoga (God union) meditation and it is comes from the ancient rishis of India who thousands of years ago set out to find a scientific means to know God. As unconditional love is a manifest part of God's eternal consciousness it rewarded them with its grace so the way was made known to them.

By trade routes it influenced Judaism. For instance in the old testament it is written 'Be still, and know that I am God' (Psalm 46:10). This one sentence describes the whole objective of the science of yoga meditation.

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