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Great to here from you. I like your blog. I stayed away from the One World Government idea because I felt it would sow division until the world's people were spiritually enabled to want it.

Presently many people are very patriotic and dogmatic in their thinking and lost down the dark, narrow alleyways of ignorance. Many are suspicious of leaders and governments from their own nations and other nations and often mistrust people from other cultures who they don't understand. The world would need a spiritual leader who the world's people trusted implicitly and wanted to lead them. The type of people qualified for that role are very rare. Modern times have seen such leaders as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela so others will surely come along. But in their absence it's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world and lead by example. That is the hardest part for me. If I want a world united in common brotherhood then I must develop my goodwill and love for all the world's people evenly. I must be able to see the good in all people and draw it out whilst forgiving the bad. Similarly if I want world peace then I must learn to myself be non-violent in thought, word and deed. Obviously no-one will follow a man or woman who preaches peace but is themselves not at peace. Angry thoughts, unforgiving attitudes, uncontrolled emotions all can be hidden to some extent but as soon as the pressure is on then they inevitably make their way to the surface as ugly words and ugly behaviour and any opportunity to sow peace is quickly lost.

It's really reassuring to see someone else writing similar ideas to something that has been burning in my mind. I started a similar site some time ago but found it hard to sell the idea. My thinking is that we do not need leaders any more, we have the technology and the ability to collaborate equally to govern the things that are necessary and important to us.

In answer to Paul's comment I would add that we need somehow to find it within ourselves collectively to lead - if only we could put forward the best of our ideals, principles and methods to create this then a world government would become something wonderful, brushing away all the conspiracy theories and negativity that currently surrounds it.

I assume you are all aware of the successful efforts by the World Federalist Movement in the creation of the International Criminal Court and similar international norms that would underlie such a confederation of nations. If you're in the U.S., also check out the Citizens for Global Solutions organization. It would be great to add your enthusiasm to these existing, engaged and successful efforts rather than feel you need to launch a new initiative.

My thinking is that we do not need leaders any more, we have the technology and the ability to collaborate equally to govern the things that are necessary and important to us.

Leaders are needed to start any movement until momentum overtakes them at least. You have good ideas, and I have spent a decade of my life looking for answers such as these so I do not say it lightly. I have my own theories but they are compatible and show similarity to thoughts of your own.

Not surprising since we strive for the same thing.

Leaders are needed to start any movement until momentum overtakes them at least. You have good ideas, and I have spent a decade of my life looking for

don't give up. omaha is finally getting one after a grassroots petitioning like this. I, too, miss TJs from CA after locating here recently. I made a drive all the way to StLouis one time just to load up for a few months. Ready to go back but it'd be better closer.

I have been blogging on this issue myself. I agree with comments above that the World Federalist Movement is probably the most visible organization. I have joined myself.

I do like the way you lay out a detailed plan for moving forward. Right now, despite the compelling logic of the idea of world federalism, we are in a minority. There is vehement opposition to the idea coming from a conspiracy theory, which I address in one of my blogs. People are tremendously afraid of anything that smacks of giving up a portion of national sovereignty.

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